Temporary vs Permanent P•O•P

Temporary vs Permanent P•O•P – Temporary Funnel POP Courtesy of POPON.net

Permanent Funnel POP Courtesy of FixturesCloseUp.com

Temporary vs Permanent P•O•P indeed. Direct from POPON.net is a comparable for yesterday’s Funnel merchandising fixture. This temporary corrugated POP display is a mini Side Kick for PoweWing mount. One assumes it ships flat to save space, or assembled but fully stocked as a Point-of-Purchase Prepack ready to hang right out of the box. See the original image post here.

But which is less costly and more effective … the corrugated temporary POP or metal permanent shelf edge fixture? The corrugated material is cheaper, but it must be printed, die cut (cutting die required), folded, assembled and hung on separate plastic hangers (included). The metal permanent shelf edge fixture must be metal stamped (stamping die required), wireformed, welded and powdercoated. Again I ask which is cheaper, in what quantities, at what level of in-store effect and sales, for what length of time (life cycle cost)? Is anyone out there up for the comparison?

Another interesting aspect is the inexpensive corrugated display attempts to sell funnels at $1.49. The permanent metal fixture offers Funnels at $1 each. How does that work?

Which would I choose?
I prefer the permanent metal POP at…

How Shelf-edge Fixtures Sell Funnels

Compare the faux digital price above with real digital at…

Digital Shelf-Edge Price Ticket
Digital Shelf-Edge Promo Signs” and even,
Smell ‘O Vision Retail Rollout

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