Mail-Order-Brides Revisited

Mail-Order-Brides Revisited Window Display

Mail-Order-Brides RevisitedMy original post on this concept dates from February 2011 … as seemingly does this alternate rendition found on the internet documenting the same retail chain, however from the slightly more upscale geographic locale of Dubai. Still it is good to know that I am competitive in terms of what I feel worthy of publication. It is also interesting to compare the world-class Dubai Mail-Order-Brides Revisited with the more parochial New Jersey, USA interpretation. Maybe it is my cultural or economic bias, but I more enjoy the New Jersey creation for its immediacy and informality. This Dubai post ultimately comes from by way of the Pinterest Window Dressing Board of Jenny Luttrell. Thanks Jenny, I so seldom get to Dubai these days

Compare and contrast…
Brides ‘R Us Window Dressing
Mail-Order-Brides Revisited In Retail” (This Post)

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