Are Two Axes Better Than One?

Are Two Axes Better Than One?

Are Two Axes Better Than One?This twin-tier Axe on-shelf display seems to try to prove that two Axes are better than one. But maybe not if black Ave, on black display, on shadowy shelf (I actually lightened the image a tad). The Axe package is actually shaped and mates with the front productstop, but no auto feed was provided so unless maunally faced, the items get bumped back and don’t orient forward (I fixed that for the shot too). Finally to add insult to injury price labels and promo Bib Tags further distract. CLICK the thumbnail for another look. This display would have been much more effective well-lite and on an upper gondola shelf. I admire the Axe advertising effort a great deal. This display, maybe not so much.

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Two Axes Better Than One

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