Apothecary Pros and Cons

Apothecary Pros and Cons

Apothecary Pros and ConsI am a fan of apothecary jars and bottles in merchandising, particularly in the Drug Store Channel. They have a history there (though they predate even me), and even project an air of quality and professionalism. The best is glass, but plastic can work if well-done. I am torn over the Apothecary Pros and Cons of this personal size item display, however. What it gains from the clever-fit-to-the-opening point-of-purchase signing, it seems to loose in clutter, trivializing the apothecary image, and even covering the product (CLICK the thumbnail). I wish I had a solution. How would you price and promote, yet not lose the advantages of a clear bulk merchandiser like this apothecary?

Compare directly to the less cluttered…

Apothecary Bottle Rack

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