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I am not 100% sure that this is a “Rust” finish, but if so it ties with that thread here on FixturesCloseUp, as well as threads on “Chain” “Materials” “Industrial Chic” and more. Follow a path if it interests you. To learn more about the Puma Social Club visit the prompt for this post at Fascination for Shop Windows.

For examples of chain uses try…
Rod and Chain T-Shirt Display
Jeans in Chains
Anchor Chain as Retail Fixture
Chain Fixtures Seen Here First
Plastic Chain as Merchandiser Strip
Puma Brand in Rust and Chain
Jaw Bite in Jeans Display
PVC Pipe Hosts Scarf Knots

For industrial chic and the unusual see…
Do-It-Yourself Store Fixtures
Industrial Chic Iron Pipe Lights

For a wider view of unusual retail materials see…
Copper Tubing as Store Fixture
Brass or Bronze Fixture Finish
Rivet Detail in Retail
Do-It-Yourself Wood Box Display

For Rust as Retail Fixture Finish by Title…
Rust Finish Apparel Rack With With Ball Finial
Rust Finish Rack Topped By Circular Chrome Fence
Stethoscope-Branded Medical Clinic Entry
Merchandising for the Birds
Street Art Restroom Directionals
Keen® Brands Rebar Table Stand
Twin-Arm Book Catcher Fixture
Papering a Wall With Wire Basket
Like-Father, Like-Son Fixtures
Rusty Hooks the Retail Rage
Rust as Retail Finish Redux
Puma Brand in Rust and Chain
Build Visual Impact Redirect
Anchor Chain as Retail Fixture.”
Jaw Bite in Jeans Display
Canvas as Sign Substrate

For rusty and related fixture failure see…
“Target Meals-To-Go Magnetic Aisle Invader” (Pending)
Rusted Rust-Oleum® Literature Holder
Weld Burns Ruin Fixture Finish

For all Rust as Retail Fixture Finish resources see…
Rust as Retail Fixture Finish Pinterest Board“ visual summary.
Rust as Retail Fixture Finish Index Page” for all resources.

Rust as Retail Fixture Finish Pinterest Board for Fixtures Close Up

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