Quite different from a “Rabbit Ear” ICC or multi-hole SHAM, this tubular variant has been seen here and there.  It might have some minor advantage in setting a standard usable depth for the hook frontwire.  But both wire-gripping “Rabbit Ear” ICCs and friction-fit SHAMs would permit far more flexibility in positioning. In addition IICs and SHAMs can be used amid the product stream to flag reorder points (when the ICC is visible it’s time to reorder before a stockout occurs) … hence the original name Inventory Control Clip. There is a guerilla marketing aspect to this innovation … any old plastic or metal tubing will do in a pinch. For that it deserves a tip-of-the-hat. But in quantity (and considering labor for cutting to length) could a Tubular ICC cost any less than traditional ICCs and SHAMs in bulk? This one is installed on a two-piece straight entry scan hook … a hook that allows positioning of full or empty hooks in tight spaces, close under shelves (as seen) or in loaded displays. If your goal is lowest cost fixture a standard one-piece all-wire hook will do. But if your goal is maximum display density, flexible merchandising and quick seasonal (and competitive) changes, by all means use one of the various one-piece, two-piece and pre-assembled attached back straight entry hook designs. ICC is of course optional.

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