Slatwall and Pegboard Compared

Slatwall and Pegboard Compared

Slatwall and Pegboard Compared – this well-spaced Slatwall Metal Plate Scan Hook display rivals the orderliness and consistent spacing of Pegboard.  It is a tribute to the retailer’s staff in taking time to arrange and stock.  But the infinite adjustability of slatwall, makes lightly loaded hooks prone to shifting sideways, ruining the display.  One would normally choose Pegboard, clip-on Flat Bar or Grid Hooks, or Plug-in Bar Merchandiser Hooks for such consistency. Compare this post with 15 different examples of vertical display in retail below … see the good, the bad and the ugly of slatwall, pegboard and continuous display. Then also link to obsessive-compulsive disorder in retail display far below.

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Slatwall and Pegboard Hooks Compared
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SEARCH “Best Practices” for additional fixturing advice.

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