Image Courtesy of Stuart Fingerhut

Map Image Circa 1890 Courtesy of Wikipedia

Tattoos or much, much more? My post of decorated Mannequins prompted this à la Japanese example from the Pin Boards of Stuart Fingerhut. It seems quite seasonal. And if it is the same season for them as it inspires in me, then it is truly a “global village” after all. Thanks for lending a hand with the heavy-lifting here at FixturesCloseUp, Stuart. But next time I wouldn’t mind covering the Tokyo retail newsbeat personally. I’ll trade you Scranton, Pennsylvania, the setting for the television series “The Office.” It’s an hour up the Interstate from me. If you like Tokyo’s brilliance you’ll love “The Electric City,” Scranton, which hosted the first continuously operating electrified streetcar (trolley) system in 1886, not to mention the city lights that went with it. It was once called “Little New York” for its Off-Broadway Theater and other touring performances. Do we have a deal?

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