Butterfly ICC Is Multi-use

Butterfly ICC Is Multi-use

Butterfly ICC Is Multi-use

If this Butterfly ICC Is Multi-use I have not seen it before, so I think I am correct in calling this one ground-breaking though hauntingly Kaizen-like.  I have therefore been more meticulous than ever in documenting the fixture in closeups. The vinyl ICC (Inventory Control Clip) is die-cut with a oversize X-shape opening to permit mount on the broad Corrugated Butterfly Hook frontwire. The opening is nevertheless tightly toleranced, so I suspect this ICC would work on narrower Single-Prong Display Hooks too. This Butterfly ICC is also of thicker material than an ordinary Single-Prong ICC. So is it radically new or a Kaizen incremental improvement in the existing design of ICC disks? The only minor negative is that this ICC cannot stand perfectly perpendicular to the Butterfly forntwire. CLICK Butterfly ICC Is Multi-use thumbnail for other closeup views.

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