This elaborate multi-hook merchandiser is fabricated in horizontal units. It provides many of the advantages of a shelf management system, but for hooks. Auto-feed is not by spring-driven pusher hooks, but flexible bowed tongues of plastic compressed behind the product. The crosswire product stop just above the hook frontwire also delivers some anti-sweep and security advantages. It was a superb looking system gracing a flagship drug store in the upscale Basking Ridge / Somerville area of New Jersey. Any store would take pride in such a department. But it was vastly consumptive of space. And the compressed plastic pushers could not be tuned to individual product weights so only accomplished haphazard facing. Still it was a wondrous creation.

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TIP: If considering such a system compare it to bar merchandisers systems with spring-driven pusher hooks, and bar or pegboard mount tray systems with the ability to tune spring tension to suit product weight. Some tray systems can be configured with anti-sweep capability. SEARCH “Best Practices” for other advice posts.