Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder is a harsh task master.  It forces me to post this alternative to an earlier commentary on Tiered Drop-Arm Faceouts. How can you judge what is unique, interesting and well-designed unless you can see ALL the choices? … or so my OCPD reasons. So which is this candidate? Unique … Interesting … Or well designed? If this post is more than you ever wanted to know about Tiered Drop-Arm Faceouts, please send Pay Pal vouchers for anti-OCPD meds.  For I surely am in need.

For right-angled Faceouts and fixtures in a vertical plane SEE…
Original Tiered Drop-Arm Faceout
Do-It-Yourself Store Fixtures
Triple Tier Shelf is Pegboard Hung

For Pegboard implementations SEE…
Drop-Arm Scan Hook for Pegboard
Drop-Arm Hook is Reinforced

For right-angled Faceouts and fixtures in a horizontal plane SEE…
Elbow Faceout for Bar Turns Right Angle
Elbow Faceout for Grid Turns Right Angle

For other interesting 90° fixtures SEE…
All Wire Rack-End S-Hook
S-Hook Squared.”