L-shaped, this open wire divider is self-stabilized courtesy of the weight of the product stocked. To it’s credit, open wire sheds dust and dirt and does not interfere with cooler air circulation (except when placed atop solid shelves). In this case its disadvantages include an inflexible standard width, and standard depth that expends beyond the shelf edge. Still an interesting early idea possibly from an era before modern shelf management systems that allows flexibility in lift-out, re-sequencing of facings. Seen in Brighton Beach in a store with many traditional (read “old-style”) fixtures still in active and effective use. Note the Russian-language packaging in keeping with Brooklyn’s “Little Odessa” on the sea. Given the heavy duty construction and simple practicality. maybe this is actually an original, massively-overdesigned “Soviet-style” or Russian  fixture. But considering that powder coat finish is a newer fixture concept, maybe this is not Soviet after all.

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