Shelf-Edge Philosophy of The Philosophy Brand

Shelf-Edge Philosophy of The Philosophy Brand

Shelf-Edge Philosophy of The Philosophy Brand

A special post for the UK. I am reliably told “Philosophy,“ is one of the most popular brands at Sephora across the United States. Sadly poor Sophia Greenwood, Visual Merchandising Manager, responsible for displays in England and Ireland, does not get to see the US displays in person. So I ran out to document the Shelf-Edge Philosophy of The Philosophy Brand here in the States for her. Most interesting to anyone with a strong commitment to branding, Philosophy personalizes each shelf edge with inspirational quotes. A mind-catching carry through, to go with the eye-catching shelf-edge lighting.

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Shelf-Edge Philosophy of The Philosophy Brand
Designer Sign Clip Self Stands
Philosophy Grace Perfume Endcap

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Shelf-Edge Philosophy of The Philosophy Brand
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Shelf-Edge Fixture Philosophy of Philosophy Cosmetics
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Merchandising Smoke and Mirrors
Diamonds: Go Big or Go Home
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Two Axes Better Than One

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