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The popular online blog has been awarded legal Registered Trademark status by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. FixturesCloseUp® offers micro-fixture case studies, product reviews, analysis and rating of design and function, comparison of alternate solutions, recommendations for design and production improvements, cataloging of fixtures by taxonomy, and best practices recommendations for store fixtures and point-of-purchase displays across all channels of retail. It has served the trade since 2009 and has logged over 215,000 visitors researching store merchandising hardware, component, design and POP solutions. The site commentary is written and curated by Tony Kadysewski, a veteran of 15 years in retail fixtures, and over 30 years in advertising and marketing communications.

In addition to ongoing industry commentary, provides a searchable idea database of over 1,300 fixture solutions in 17 separate Categories of retail, sorted by 12 specialized fixture class Tags, a popular search terms page of over 183 pre-defined searches, the ability to create custom searches, and growing array of visual summary FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Boards. All posts feature photography of the solution cataloged. Daily traffic to the site can exceed 1,100 visitors. Users can visit personally, subscribe by Email, Twitter and RSS feed, or browse posts shared to various Linkedin Professional Groups. Fixtures Close Up carries a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. You are encouraged to copy, distribute, transmit, remix, adapt, and make commercial use of the work with only the requirement of attribution to the site and author, and likewise sharing of your use.

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