New Mike-and-Ike Slant Merchandising

New Mike-and-Ike Slant Merchandising

New Mike-and-Ike Slant Merchandising

If gravity-feed is angled back-to-front, what style auto-feed is this New Mike-and-Ike Slant Merchandising side-to-side concept? Of course, I ask that humorously noting that the productstops seen cannot be sidewalls, so side-to-side feed is not the intent. Here the near-diagonal angle is to make the candy display more distinctive and not humdrum and dead level. Effective or not, you must decide for yourself. I am merely the presenter. If you have better ideas share them with Mike, Ike and me as a comment below. CLICK the New Mike-and-Ike Slant Merchandising thumbnail for an alternate view or see for yourself at a store near you.

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