In-Store Champagne Bath Bubbler

In-Store Champagne Bath Bubbler

In-Store Champagne Bath Bubbler

In-Store Champagne Bath Bubbler … here a fish tank aerator pump creates a froth of bubbles from designer Bath Gel in an oversize Champagne Glass. This store-created point-of-purchase display, a cascade of bubbles and cheery gurgling is a shopper stopper. One gets to enjoy the aroma, sample the soap texture, and see adjacent cross-sells to matching Thierry Mugler perfume and toilet water. Quite a show. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view. My wife tried, and ultimately bought after carrying the sample tester strips for 2 days. She needs extended exposure to assess any fragrance. In fact, I am told that the fragrance evolves 3 times in the first ten minutes of application. Can anyone confirm in a comment, please? Seen in Bon-Ton®.

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