Point-of-Purchase Image Courtesy of Podlight Purse Light

Image Courtesy of Podlight Purse Light

Or maybe this is more of the Podlight Purse Light doing Prada® than vice versa. This item caught my eye and is the subject of a previous point-of-purchase display post. But I just had to get one for my wife who loves large, cavernous, dark purses. And she is forever losing things inside the purse. Solution? Podlight Purse Light. Now that we have a Podlight, we will work on getting the Prada Purse to match. CLICK the thumbnail for ON / OFF views. Learn more at Podlight. Maybe these would sell well in your store?

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Editorial Note:
Long after the first PodLight blog post, the maker was kind enough to forward an actual PodLight at no charge for review. Of course as low cost item it in no way dictates editorial comment. But I have to say it works completely as specified, and is handy in deep, cavernous purses filled with the flotsam and jetsam of womanly existence. Just open the purse, rummage around a little, and the PodLight turns on. Amazing