Unconscious Buying Behavior in Retail

Unconscious Buying Behavior in Retail – Image courtesy of neurosciencemarketing.com/blog/


Unconscious Buying Behavior in Retail – Unconscious, inattentive exposure to products nevertheless influences purchasing, so attend closely to your retail and point-of-purchase image.

Unconscious Buying Behavior in Retail

FixturesCloseUp attempts to factually document store fixtures. However often I must intuit retail marketing and merchandising. My commentary is educated … But sometimes educated guesses. If you are merchandising hardcore, and fascinated by the deep recesses of human behavior and human buying, check out the summary “Unconscious Buying” on the NeuroMarketing Blog site. And if you have the discipline and mental focus, trace the commentary all the way back to “Neural Responses to Unattended Products Predict Later Consumer Choices” on The Journal of Neuroscience website.

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Credit for this “intellect challenging lead” gratefully given to a Tweet from Michelle Rosales, Marketing Development at AVG Outsourcing, Installations and Logistics. Muchas gracias. Many will enjoy its insights and tips.

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