Cute baby caps. How better to display them than by bringing the animal persona in each to life. Give them a head-like form on which to perch and they almost become real. And if you buy the entire line you can teach animal husbandry or zoology to the child complete with props. That is if you yourself can identify the species. CLICK the thumbnail for more Visual Merchandising and retail show-and-tell.

For a fixture prop for scary bedtime stories SEE…
Frankenstien-Inspired Fixture.”

For headform core fixture see…
Classic Millinery Faceout
Curved Slot-Mount Cap Displayer
Slatwall Hat Displayer
L’arbre de Chapeau (Hat Tree)
Frankenstien-Inspired Fixture.”
Animal Cap Show-and-Tell
Hybrid Helmet Hook
Corrugated Headform Cut-Out

For other means of serving-up headgear see…
Selling Caps Two-at-a-Time
Rough Cut Wood Hat Tray
Hat Ledge Plugs In
Hat Ledge for Slatwall
Hat Ledge for Slot
Built-in Mirror Sells Caps
Slatwall or Tower Hat Tray
J-Hooks Product Stop Caps
Branded Slot-Mount Hat Tray
Slotted Faux Surface for Cap Merchandising.”

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Gucci Gangsta Cap Display
Colorful Kangol Cap vs Slouch Hat
Winter Cap Gets the Finger.”

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