Short Hills Mall Designer Tardis

Short Hills Mall Designer Tardis

Short Hills Mall Designer Tardis

Image Courtesy of and Disent on Deviant Art

Apparently, the TARDIS’ Chameleon Circuit has adapted to a new upgraded, upscale configuration just for this Short Hills Mall Designer Tardis at the posh Mall at Short Hills New Jersey. At least I think it is a TARDIS, though Dr. Who was nowhere in sight. What is a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, Model Mark 40) and who is Dr. Who? Link out to “Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who” the highest-rated show in BBC America’s history. For a better view of the TARDIS in flight disguised as a British Police Call Box CLICK the thumbnail or visit “Disent on Deviant Art.” The Chameleon Circuit is what allows the TARDIS to disguise itself to fit into its environment, in this case, some of the richest suburbs of New Jersey.

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Short Hills Mall Designer Tardis
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