All the world’s a stage” particularly these cantilevered platforms for Slatwire. They provide a good look at the merchandise, with shoes boxed beneath for quick retrieval. The mint green color is something unique, and has slight faux finish sponge coat effect seen closeup. CLICK the thumbnail for a detailed view of the mount, it too with a specialty finish in grey powdercoat.

COMPARE directly to…
Shelf Extender is Bottom Mount
Shelf Edge Shoe Extender
Speaker Platforms for Wire Grid
Cantilever Cooking Tray Racks
Cantilever T-Shirt Platforms
Single Item Shelf-Edge Extender.”
Measuring Tape ‘Try Me First’

CONTRAST with ledges on flat surfaces…
Flatback Hooks Add 3D on Flat Signs
Shoe Ledge Adds 3D to 2D Sign
Lego Ledge as Shoe POP
Dual Shadowboxes Merchandises Shoes