An odd amalgamation of the unexpected. Bar Merchandisers are not normally wire, nor Slatwire to boot. Extending outward from the gondola, neither do Bar Merchandisers of any ilk need straight-entry hooks in that there is clearance to tilt normal hooks to mount. Finally most Bars mount to the gondola upright, while this mounts to pegboard. But if you got ’em … Pegboard-Mount Slatwire Bars and Straight-entry Scan Hooks … flaunt ’em. Visually I think I would prefer the mass and implied solidity of a Flatbar Merchandiser, and Clip-on Bar Hooks to prevent the inevitable jostling by passersby. Short hooks would also be less aisle-intrusive. But then that is just me, and my fixture opinion. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup view.

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