My generation learned to buy Lemon and Lime juice in perfect plastic replicas of the citrus itself. This packaging is a less than-perfect-representation of the natural fruit. Does it represent juice from Genetically Modified fruit or is it an attempt to imitate without actually copying the original packaging sell and branding? You decide. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup view of what may be the future of this tart fruit. After all we elect to use not-quite-from-nature sweeteners and the like? Why not similar not-quite-from-nature lemons and limes? And do you Trademark the package, Copyright the promotion, or Patent the genetically engineered fruit? Probably all three.

COMPARE to the original sell at…
Lemons and Limes Shelf Managed

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Country-of-Origin Add-On.”

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Cooler Door Lime Cross Sell

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P.S. For clarification, labeling here does emphasize
this is “Squeezed” lemon and lime juice.
I just humorously question is it squeezed from fruit shaped like the package?