Alternate fixtures and backplates within eye-shot (a variation of earshot) of each other allow a quick comparison. Both are oversize to spread heavy loads and protect the display surface from damage. The plastic B/P is straight-entry allowing merchandising flexibility, but requiring time and labor to assemble (Attached Back Straight Entry Hooks similar to this do arrive assembled however, and one-piece metal Straight Entry options exist). The Flatback Metal B/P is one-piece for a quick out-of-box install, but harder to manage in tight planograms and spaces. Finally the Plastic B/P spans three rows of pegboard holes with a mere 2 lug anchorage. The Flatback Metal B/P anchors in 4 rows of pegboard hole with 4 metal lugs. Which should you use? Depends upon your merchandising and your merchandise. Call your “hooker” (an actual store fixture term) for a consultation. For the obligatory FixturesCloseUp closeup CLICK the thumbnail.

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