Curvaceous Shovel Merchandiser Utility Hook

Curvaceous Shovel Merchandiser Utility Hook


Curvaceous Shovel Merchandiser Utility Hook

In this Curvaceous Shovel Merchandiser Utility Hook wave-like undulations provide built-in product stops along heavy-duty hook frontwires. Paired individual hooks allow spacing to be customized for the product on display … narrow bladed spades as here, broader snow shovels, or wide, plow-like snow scoops. Why the “Clearance” tag? Possibly because a spade is not the tool of choice for snow. Get them now, because in a month or two, spades will be back in season. CLICK the Curvaceous Shovel Merchandiser Utility Hook thumbnail for a better look at the hook. Take specific note of the metal plate at the base of the frontwire to spread the load on the backbar.

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Undulating Arm Hooks exhibit Product Frontwires of a wave or serpentine nature. The undulations provide built-in productstops and item location and separation. The undulations also help support even product facing across entire displays. Undulating Hooks may be single or double arm.

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