If you thought D-cell Batteries were bulky, space-consumptive and heavy to hang on hooks, consider these 6v Batteries. Even one-up there is no way to hang with the other battery packs. Solution? An angled battery backstop that faces items up from the base deck for easy visibility even by tall folk like me. But having seen batteries shrink is size for decades as devices learn to sip not guzzle power, I rack my brain to imagine the use for these brick-like behemoths. I think I recall camping lamps that might have used batteries like this. But a modern use might be buying 2 to jump start your 12v car battery (Refresh my memory, if I wire two 6-volt batteries in series rather than parallel, do I get 12 volts? What if I wire in parallel?). CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup angle on this battery ramp. Feel free to imagine in in other-than-battery uses.

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