Package Hooked Vertical and Askew

Package Hooked Vertical and Askew

Package Hooked Vertical and Askew

I admit it. ‘Twas I who propped and photographed this package hanging in two ways. A Package Hooked Vertical and Askew was all I could imagine for the second package hole. But the large circular knock-out is so unlike the normal that I wonder if there is another use for it? Sometimes camping gear and tools are sold in packing meant for user storage or display. Might this second hole allow the tiny and easy to misplace flashlight, to be hung in its large hard-to-lose clamshell from a tentpole or guy-wire while camping? Usage comments are welcome and invited. See the Package Hooked Vertical and Askew thumbnail for a closeup view of the angled presentation. Display hardware you ask? Simple All Wire Scan Hooks with Flip Front Label Holders. I cropped them out forcing you to focus on the unusual packaging.

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