Normally I am on the lookout for creative store fixtures. But creative new ways to market in retail always intrigue me too. Here an LED Flashlight is packaged with pet poop pickup bags as a reinforcement to the sale. The package pitch is that the flashlight “provides added safety, makes picking up pet waste quick and easy … and that it attaches to any leash.” Scheptical I consulted my city-dwelling, pet-owning friends (I am rural where animals may poop as they see fit). I was told this is a winning combo. Still parochial, rural-ensconced me, can’t grasp the situation. If you must curb and clean up after your dog in the city, don’t the street lights provide the necessary illumination? Is the dog-poop political party too impotent to have the municipality turn up the lumen level (see “lux“)? CLICK the thumbnail for a better look at creative marketing worthy of an early Award from Fixtures Close Up. The only thing missing from the selling strategy is ASPCA and UL product approvals.

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