Floor Graphic Footsteps

Floor Graphic Footsteps

Floor Graphic Footsteps

Okay, so we have all seen Floor Graphic Footsteps somewhere. But they are nevertheless of closeup interest to Fixtures Close Up. A “splat” at the entry defines the promotion. Then footprints lead hither, thither and yon through the deli, pre-packed food, and meals-to-go departments beckoning the hungry on to their satisfaction. Additional floor graphic “splats” define specific stops of interest, while signage makes a pitch to close the deal. A well thought out, complete advertising campaign vaguely reminiscent of the Burma Shave roadside jingles of the 1920’s through 1950’s. CLICK the thumbnail for other Floor Graphic Footsteps closeup views.

My single question: is this Point-of-Purchase Advertising … or given the foot-traffic mobility aspect … is it Out-of-Home Advertising?  If it is in-store only would it be POP only? If it is sidewalk-based would it be re-classified Out-of-Home? Advertising academics are invited to weigh in on the fine points of advertising taxonomy.

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