How to Merchandise Butterflies

How to Merchandise Butterflies

How to Merchandise Butterflies

This is How to Merchandise Butterflies. Fixtures Close Up is all about micro-fixtures and the details of merchandising. Here, just as in professional Entomological exhibition, the micro-fixtures are pins securing the Butterfly collection within this retail Museum Case. Insect pins are available from specialty biological supply companies, with sizes #2 and #3 the most useful for general use. Though unlabeled in this instance, Entomological standards would dictate labels 1/2″ x 3/4″ or smaller on heavy 120 pound card stock. Minimum information would include butterfly species, location of capture, date, name of collector and environment. (SOURCE: University of Minnesota, Extension Service). CLICK thumbnail for closeup view of the How to Merchandise Butterflies specimen.

Of course I may be wrong. In the event you think that the purse is the main article being merchandised here, disregard all butterfly display and fixture detail above. In the words of the famous Emily Litella (AKA Gilda Radner, of Saturday Night Live) “Never mind.”

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