Side-mounted Pushers are not uncommon. But this wire extension intrigued me. Obviously Side-Mount Pushers put an unbalanced load on any package in their lane. Not a problem with small items. But the torque can create product twist and jamming as package sizes increase or for very light items. This wire extension broadens the range of package sizes to which a side pusher can be applied. And rather than requiring 2 or more separate pusher paddle designs, the wire is a retrofit to (one assumes all) Side Pushers right in the field. What are the package size and weight  limits to side pushing? I can’t say, but if you can leave details as a comment. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate closeup view of the system in use without Extensions.

Some center-feed pushers have similar extensions for height allowing them to feed taller product or stacked product. I will keep an eye open for Center Pusher Height Extenders for a future post. The same systems can offer height extensions to the dividers tool. What will these Shelf Management System designers think of next? *****

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