Image Courtesy of VMSD Magazine Website

Fixtures Close Up maintains an “Amenity” thread. A SEARCH on that term compiles posts concerning signage, fitting rooms, rest facilities, cart wipes, recycling centers and a host of other provisions for the convenience, comfort and physical well-being of shoppers. But Fixtures Close Up is precisely that, a close up view of the hardware that supports the concept of customer amenity. For a broader discussion of “giving the customer extras they want” I found the blog post “Companion Shopping” by Anne DiNardo of VMSD a good quick read. Why not pop on over and see what you think? But don’t forget to come back to see the nuts and bolts of how to implement retail amenity on Fixtures Close Up.

A subset of interesting “Amenity” posts here include…

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Chewing Gum Recycling Station
Puzzle Piece Recycling Bin
Long-Range Flip Flop Finder
Magnifying Lens as Customer Aid
Convenience Store Sanitizer Breakthrough
Tissues for the Taking
Wipe as Creature Comfort
VIP Still Shopping Tag

SEARCH “Amenity” for the larger superset of all such posts.