Almost all Gift Cards seem to be merchandised horizontally, particularly when carded and hung by hook. Why not present them vertical in orientation? Particularly when the Greek Golden Ratio … the so called Divine Proportion … results in rectangular shapes, and studies show people prefer the rectangle vertical in orientation. Why do we insist upon marketing Gift Cards horizontal? Here a temporary point-of-purchase display designer courageously bucked the trend and offered cards upright … no matter what direction the printed image or message. Bravo. Pythagoras and Euclid would approve … as would the architect chairman of my old grad school. Maybe this bodes a return to classical order in retail? CLICK the thumbnail for another view of his temporary POP corrugated creation..

Which orientation do YOU prefer your rectangles, vertical or horizontal?
Or maybe you‘d rather the terms portrait and landscape mode?

Do you subscribe to the Greek Golden Ratio,
or do you think squares and other quadrilaterals are just fine too?

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