Photos courtesy of ArabiaShop 2012

Graphic courtesy of ArabiaShop 2012

So nice to be an internationally recognized Blog Journalist. The organizers of POPAI-supported ArabiaShop 2012 in Dubai were kind enough to contact me about this mega-event. I’m not sure FixturesCloseUp truly qualifies for behind-the-scenes Press Passes (even though I made a forlorn pitch for them), but I will share any issued with readers who’ll front airline tickets to the event (preferably First Class via posh Dubai-based Emirates Air).

While you ponder the possibilities, mark May 8-10, 2012 on your Store Fixture Events Calendar and check out ArabiaShop 2012 … “The Essential Retail and Marketing At-Retail Event in the Middle East” …  Remember, you read about it first on FixturesCloseUp.

SEARCH “Silly” for other posts on serous topics nevertheless written with my dry Polish wit.

And my apologies to ArabiaShop for humorously suggesting they might even want me in the same planetary hemisphere as their exhibition. Too bad though. My wife and I would really like to fly Emirates Air. Did I mention she’d be coming and need tickets too? To challenge your flight-planning skills, know that we fly out of the highly touted Wilkes-Barre / Scranton International [sic] Airport designation AVP.

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