Only the best in facilities are provided to this retailer’s patrons. Here an advanced NSF-certified Dyson Air Blade dries hands in an instant … or just slightly more. And what retail chain caters so to its customer’s precious mitts? A pricey, high-end department store? A posh upscale boutique? Or possibly a tech-savvy electronics and consumer durables chain? No! These are standard in all the locations of a specific Warehouse Club chain my wife and I visit in parts of two states. Why Dyson in a Warehouse Club and not in your and other better stores? Only you can answer that question. Voting with my own dollars, I employ the Dyson Air Multiplier for cooling in an energy-efficient domicile design. It too turns heads and even gets more comments than my furnishings. Want users to notice your restrooms? Install Air Blades and Air Multipliers and watch the fun.

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