I admire this this premium package design, and the obvious convenience of the package size. But it looks rather forlorn just sitting on the shelf alone and unfixtured. I will leave it to you to imagine the hardware solution for famous Goya Foods, who break new ground here in single-serve, personal size cookies. But Goya Merchandising Without Fixtures without point-of-purchase fixturing is hardly merchandising at all in this case.  Click thumbnail for a head-on view. See “Making Pasta a Retail Star” for more package design commentary. Playing off the “Merchandising Without Fixtures” theme, you might also enjoy the thread emanating from “Do-It-Yourself Store Fixtures.”

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Goya United-Foods Planogram Placeholder
Goya Open-Wire Circular Rack Display
Goya Metal-Stamped Logo Branding
Goya Merchandising Without Fixtures

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