I love time with my wife, and enjoy spending hours on end with her in retail. But there comes a time when even my energy wains, while her enthusiasm remains strong. I then look for a refuge like this: a bench where I can rest, check my cell phone messages, surf the internet, or just close my eyes to daydream (mostly of my wife in non-retail settings). Some men have a bit less patience than I do, and might search out this bench even sooner. But all of us would spend more time with our wives and in your store if you just gave us space to park our bottoms. Please be kind to the sex with the least retail endurance … men. If you give us a bench, we’ll bring our wives to shop with you more often.

For the torturous inverse of this comfy fixture SEE
Anti Amenity: Don’t Sit Here.

SEARCH “Amenity” for retail courtesies extended
to the shopping public. And since this one is so
important, I posted it to retail “Best Practices” too.