Best Typefaces for Retail and POP

Best Typefaces for Retail and POP

Trust me to get it all backwards. From an article on the worst fonts I managed to scavenge lists of the best and most used typefaces. Many are among my personal favorites too, and are as good a starting place as any for that Best Typefaces for Retail based sign, shelf edge label, or point-of-purchase promotion you have in mind. I tried searching for “favorite typefaces of David Ogilvy” without success, so you are stuck with this.

Know that there is some difference of opinion on “best” typefaces even though those above are favorites of many designers according to a limited survey. It is sometimes argued that serif rather than sans serif typefaces are several times more readable, hence their use in traditional media like newspaper. Others argue that all caps is more visible than upper and lower case, hence the use of capital letters in teleprompters (autocue) for television broadcast.

As an interesting aside, the Univers typeface (number 5 under used regularly above) was the favorite font of my grad school chairman, Dr. Francis Ferguson, AIA (1932-1995, Notre Dame University 1956, Columbia University 1962, 1969). It seems the “student apple” does not fall far from the “teacher’s tree.” A great many of these fonts, particularly Helvetica, are very Univers-like (or actually I think it more correct that Univers is Helvetica-like). And almost all have stood the test of time in advertising and graphic communications.

Personally, I prefer Helvetica for body copy over Univers, but would be agreeable to using Univers in a heading. As you see, my old professor and patron and I did not completely agree all the time. But I am known to be contentious and picky, with a mind of my own.

If you have reputable sources you can cite for Best Typefaces for Retail, post here as comments please.

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To see the source of this information, link out to and “The 8 Worst Fonts In The World” which itself cites other sources.

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