A beautifully designed piece of permanent store signage in children’s apparel. It provides a ready reference between age; height in inches and centimeters; weight in pounds and kilogram and size.  And for ease of use, English unit columns are bolded. The only thing possibly missing is a correlation between the USA and European sizes. The sign took up little space, but was always at the ready to give guidance or answer a sizing question. Bravo.

Wait! Wouldn’t any mother know the child’s size by heart? Ah, but subtle extra guidance as to the actual fit of this chains apparel is also a help. Plus think how many Grandmothers, Aunts and friends-shopping-for-friends that benefit from this added “crib sheet” of size and fit.

Male shoppers?  I love this sign, but I’ll go for the gift card every time. No size questions at all then.

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