If you need an avant-garde tape dispenser, this is the place to buy it. And the point of purchase display shows the styles off well, even if a bit space consumptive. The vivid green signage and label strip relate well to the often green Scotch product branding (see individual tape blister packs lower right). CLICK thumbnail for closeup of shoe as tape dispenser … or is it tape dispenser as shoe?

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High-Fashion, High-Tech, High Heel
High Heel for the Bath
Shoe Fetish vs Tape Fetish
High Fashion High Heel by Scotch®

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Stonehenge for Shoe Worshipers
Twilight Zone Diorama Dramatics.”
Sneakers Worn as Epaulets

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BLOG EDITORIAL CORRECTION: This post originally carried the heading and was electronically shared as “Shoe Fetish vs Stapler Fetish” but has now been correctly titled. Likely it was a “Freudian Slip” either due to the shot having been taken in Staples, or my unconscious preference for Stapler Fetishes. My apologies to all Fetishes concerned.