Most wire baskets for vertical display surfaces (with the significant exception of Endless Basket) are one-piece units … the mount is part of the basket assembly. Here is an interesting twist on technique. This two-piece design includes a totally separate backplate that permits straight-entry setup and improved wire basket merchandising. The backplates can be easily positioned even in tight spaces, with the basket hung on the Endcap as a second step.

Fixture buff that I am, I very much admire the details of the backplate design. Note the circular raised weldment on the flat backplate. True the frontwire is rock-solid vertical. But the circular weldment would allow the frontwire to be welded at any angle in the 360 degree arc of the circle. Who knows. You might someday need a fixture welded to the backplate at an odd angle. Kudos to the savvy designer for this forward-looking fixture.  CLICK the thumbnail to admire the weldment design close up.

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