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September proved a milestone month with total visitors topping 100,000 at FixturesCloseUp, a photo blog of micro case studies of retail and point of purchase fixtures and hardware. Monthly usage has now exceeded 10,000 per month with numbers continuing to climb.

Fixtures Close Up defines itself as a pictorial inventory of unique or interesting small-scale fixtures seen across the range of retailing.  As a cityscape is built up of individual bricks, beams and boards; so a store is constructed of many small-scale fixtures that combine to create the selling-floor environment. Many of these small elements are unsung heroes in creating an effective, functional, appealing merchandising space for goods.

Because of the wide-ranging creativity of designers, similar display problems are often solved in unique ways.  The site attempts to document these varying solutions … and provide a source of ideas and inspiration for additional new solutions or new applications of existing fixtures. The blog boasts over 173 pre-established search terms, pre-built fixture comparisons, and hundreds of categories, tag, and keyword combinations by which to browse topics from fixture “Best Practices” to what is “Silly” in retail merchandising.

Fixtures Close Up resides on the internet at, Users can visit personally, subscribe by Email, Twitter and RSS feed, or browse posts shared to various LINKEDIN professional Groups. Fixtures Close Up carries a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. You are encouraged to copy, distribute, transmit, remix, adapt, and make commercial use of the work with only the requirement of attribution to the site and author, and likewise sharing of your use.

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