I associate Polo with a more traditional, upscale image. But all products must grow in ways that keep up with the times. So color and dramatic polo player logos in signage and on the product have crept into the brand over recent years. When I ask women (my wife being the only one I associate with regularly) does she believe the newer brightly colored brands and aggressive oversized clothing graphics are for younger men, she believes not. So the Polo evolution is repositioning the brand almost without perceptible notice.

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Personally I would have “forked” the brand and retained the long-term traditional position while launching new aggressively modern interpretations. I think the two, a more staid traditional representation and ultramodern in-your-face style could co-exist with separate fan bases. But it is well-known throughout the industry that I do not have the marketing savvy of Ralph Lauren. Good thing he never called for my opinion on branding.

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