Frontrail mounted Mini-Molder Dividers such as this are simple, low-cost systems for helping to organize small, lightweight products. This shelf management system is most often seen organizing vitamins in HBA, and lacks a backrail meaning the dividers free-float at the rear. But here it seems almost custom-made for these packs of baby food. Even the cardboard carriers seem to have a shoulder designed to overhang the low dividers so that they ride underneath, and the packages stand shoulder to shoulder. I don’t know how well the system functions as the product becomes picked through. Do, for example, the square packages twist in the lanes due to the extra “shoulder” overhang space needed? But here, early in the day and well faced, the effect is stunning. *****

NOTE: The C-channel is propagated with paper labels and individual protective acetate overlays. Great attention to detail, but a C-channel mount plain-paper label strip would cut labor and material costs, and be easier to maintain.

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