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Fixtures Close Up, a popular photo blog reporting on retail and point-of-purchase fixtures is now available directly at its own domain – The site formerly broadcast from Both URL’s (Uniform Resource Locators) will lead you to the site, though the new domain is certainly easier to type.

Fixtures Close Up offers nearly 900 store fixture posts, plus the ability to sort and search by Retail Category, Fixture Type, and almost 200 Keywords. It also offers a growing number of case studies and pre-built fixture comparisons. Topics range from simple hooks and label holders to cooler merchandising, gravity feed and shelf management systems. For a change of pace you can search on the keywords like “Silly” for humorous sights from retail, “Window Dressing” for low-budget visual merchandising inspiration, or “Best Practices” for common sense fixture advice.

Fixtures Close Up was launched in 2009 and is written by Tony Kadysewski, a 15-year veteran of retail fixturing. Users can subscribe to Twitter, RSS or email feeds, or for greatest functionality, visit the site directly at its new, improved location

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