Given the illustration on the packaging I hesitated over whether the reference was “Hippie Chick” (link to the Songfacts on group Soho) or “Hippie Chic” (link to “List of Chics”). And with nary a fixture and only a hint of POP in the shot, why would I dwell upon the display? I am an old Hippie, and I dated Hippie Chicks like this back in the day. But can it be resurrected as a “True Religion” today (double entendre intended)? Only by a smarter marketing mind than mine. I did, however, enjoy the momentary temporal disorientation provided by stepping through this merchandising time portal. And I enjoyed the Buddha Bag too. CLICK the thumbnail to enjoy the smiling Buddha yourself

Originally the photos were to share with my wife, Margarit, but as a younger, former-Soviet citizen, she missed that era here. Good thing that I can claim that my participation in that epoch was any of the 1960s, 1990s or 2000s “Hippie Chic” happenings. Anything counter-culture earlier than that is Bohemian.

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