Fender Guitar Slatwall Hook

Fender Guitar Slatwall Hook

Fender Guitar Slatwall Hook

Fender Guitar Slatwall Hook indeed. The Headstock of this Fender Guitar seems to be cradled perfectly between the extensions of this Double Arm Hook. But the close-up view shows one side of the Headstock does not even touch its arm. The Guitar seems to be balanced so that the Neck hangs perfectly vertical anyway. In addition, the rubberized frontstops and arm lengths are not matched to the Headstock. I suspect this is a more general Double Arm Utility Hook from music retail, pressed into Guitar merchandising service. But it performs the function marvelously in this case. Note that the Slatwall has armored metal channel inserts to support heavy loads. CLICK the thumbnail to check the fit of the hook to the merchandise. And look closely to see a logo identifying, I suspect, the fixture manufacturer.

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Fender Slatwall Hook

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