How’s that for a flamboyant tabloid headline in the fixture business. “Vuitton Generic Fixture Roll-out.” Though done with a great deal of panache, there is some truth in it. This generic artist’s poseable wooden hand (for sketching and painting) gestures all the more eloquently with a Louis Vuitton clutch. CLICK the thumbnail to see the “home made” base for positioning the hand … a hole bored in a block … ebony stained wood at least, black marble or basalt more likely.

Why did it catch my eye? I own two of these hands, thinking some day to photograph my company’s simple pegboard hooks held similarly aloft. I purchased over 10 years ago and still haven’t used the creative concept. Guess I can’t now without fear of legal action by Louie V. Too bad.

But an expensive looking merchandising statement for the purse created on the cheap. Smart man that Vuitton. And smart blog that Fixtures Close Up, to write headlines that get picked up as scandalous fixture gossip and broadcast world wide. I can only hope for such fame.

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