Surely this is the “whopper” that got away, with me, caught in the field without a micrometer to “mic” the frontwire. The wire diameter is almost twice the width of the Slatwall groove which (my engineers tell me) is 5/16″ with Aluminum insert  as shown (3/8″ without Insert). That was one monster hook, I’ll tell you. Even though oversize, it looks great in powdercoat however.

Occasionally there are plastic inserts to slatwall. And other dimensions may vary a tad too. Never hesitate to ask your manufacturer for samples to test. But one good thing about slatwall, there are fewer versions and dimensional variations to expect than pegboard. By the way, one can get a slatwall backplate similar to this that mounts to pegboard too. Who knows when you might need the extra versatility. Again, talk with your manufacturer. *****

SEE “Fixture Theft in Your Warehouse” for another hard-working, motherless big hook.