Vuitton vs Fendi: Fixture Faceoff

Vuitton vs Fendi: Fixture Faceoff

Vuitton vs Fendi: Fixture Faceoff

I take no position in any resulting debate, merely report the unvarnished fixture news. Here Vuitton fixturing is provided specifically to compare to an earlier Fendi belt merchandising post. Vuitton relies more upon the logo’d and branded shimmering belt buckles for identity. And the fixture arms here do permit customers easier access then at Fendi. In fact while I was there a patron literally shopped and changed his belt on-site … drooping pantaloons notwithstanding. Maybe not the in-store image Vuitton wants to project … but they did make the sale. And the patron’s goal was met … to upgrade his personal brand. CLICK thumbnail to inspect the setup.

SEE “Fendi Finial Logos as Branding” to open a separate window and compare fixture and branding approaches. Let the faceoff begin.

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